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Door Weatherization:  Stripping 

BES Door Stripping is made up of a combination of extruded aluminum trim with a soft-cell polyethylene clad urethane foam insert. The aluminum stripping is adhered to the header, strike side, and hinge side of the frame, while the foam insert ensures a cushioned seal to the door when compressed.


The insert is made of resilient urethane foam that maintains shape over time, while offering an excellent all-temperature seal that conforms to uneven surfaces. The urethane foam is covered by an embossed polyethylene liner that resists paint and varnishes to help maintain a long lasting and attractive appearance.



About BES

Building Envelope Solutions (BES) is the market leader in weatherization-related energy efficiency upgrades.


Through its turnkey deliverable, BES also partners with Energy Services Companies (ESCO’s) to assist them in saving energy for their customers.


2750 Vinland St.
Oshkosh WI 54901



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