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BES exclusively works in the commercial and industrial building market segments. We do not work in residential and do not perform work in new construction. Our work is 100% based on retrofit of the building to improve its performance.

BES primarily performs audits and installations in the northern two thirds of the United States. Recent utility incentives and humidity reduction concerns have also driven us to engage in more projects along the Gulf Coast and Southeastern United States.

To a certain degree yes. Because of our on-going tracking and data collection, we are able to put together a rough order of magnitude estimate, which is based on building type, drawings, and some basic information. Additionally, through Google Earth we are able to identify enough of the building characteristics and square footage to be able to project the likelihood of savings through our improvements. During the Investment Grade Audit, we would then be able to validate or adjust the rough order of magnitude pricing and savings projections. Many of our ESCO clients utilize our remote audits for preliminary audits or proposals.

BES has worked extensively with its ESCO clients and utility partners in the areas we serve to enhance our calculations by incorporating the many variables that go into projecting savings from preventing infiltration. This level of detail allows us to craft an M&V approach that meets our clients’ needs for verification of savings. Through blower door testing, infrared imaging, and/or smoke testing, we are able to provide the documentation level you desire.

BES has 2 full installation crews that travel to customer sites and smaller crews located in geographically distributed areas for installations. We also have partnerships with a number of contractors to sub-contract excess labor to in the event it is necessary. In any case, all projects are managed by BES project managers and all materials used are standard BES tested and approved products.

Yes, BES quantifies the resulting carbon reductions associated with the implementation of our identified improvements.

Yes, BES works with our clients to establish acceptable installation hours and crew sizes. We are experienced in after hour installations and working over weekends and holidays.

What is ECM?


ECM is a collection of specialized services operated by ECM Holding Group, Inc.. Building Envelope Solutions was the founding skillset back in 2009.

Whether through start-up or via purchase through our Pioneer Energy Capital investment group, ECM delivers comprehensive solutions for our ESCO and Corporate Clients.

If you are an ESCO, we would welcome the opportunity to show you why so many ESCO’s work with us nationwide.

If you are a Corporate Client, please call us today to learn more about how other Fortune 500 Clients have partnered with ECM to deliver upon their corporate sustainability programs.

Is a trusted partner for some of the largest industrial, commercial real-estate, technology, energy, pharmaceutical and consumer products companies in the world.

Weatherization Knowledge

For buidling envelope insulation, it depends on the building type, style, and age, we typically find scope in buildings that keeps the ROI in a 3-7 year range. This also largely depends on geographic location due to weather patterns, temperatures, utility costs, and heating source. Of course, the payback time varies by energy conservation measure, with window film different than window replacement or adding a thermal-pane panel for examble.

The short answer is ones with a lot of leakage. Really any building that has some open construction, a mixture of materials, many windows, high use doors, etc. will have leakage and the more of these items that the building shows, the greater the opportunity for savings.

Yes, but not every building will have leakage that can be stopped or controlled. Also, in some cases a building may have some areas of leakage that will require more work to correct than savings to justify the improvement, thus not providing a reasonable ROI.

Not entirely. The style of construction and the mixture of material types typically dictate the amount of leakage which occurs. The performance of the contractor that built the structure, and the way it has been maintained over time become secondary items that dictate leakage. We do however see trends in building styles, materials, and details that push buildings from certain timeframes in to more or less likely candidates for building envelope improvements.

Our spray foams last for decades, and are typically out of the way of any wear and tear. The door materials are very durable and can take some abuse. They would last well into the 15 to 20 year time frame from normal use, depending on the wear and tear they experience.

There are actually 2 different foams we use. One is a single component foam that cures with the moisture in the air. It is applied into larger gaps and it expands to fill the gap. The second is a 2 component foam, which has two chemicals that when combined expand and cure on contact. This material is typically used in larger coverage areas, or areas that have too small of a gap for 1 component foam to fit between them. In that situation, we cover the surface to seal it off.

All of our materials, (caulks and foams) are low odor, and the caulks are low shrink products. Once they are applied and cured they have no odor. In-fact the caulks can be painted directly over and the foams are closed cell so they can be trimmed or painted as well.

Attics are meant to have air flow through them to the exterior. The goal is to have attics insulated and air sealed from the living space below. BES seals this area just like we would seal a flat roof area from the inside out using foams or caulks.

No. Our crews are accustomed to working around staff and items in the buildings. Often our work is performed after hours resulting in limited impact to the workplace.

Yes and No. Spraying foams, caulking, and installing door kits can be a messy process, however BES takes the utmost precaution to avoid disruption. We cover anything in the way, and clean up our installation and work areas after every day of work. Usually our customers barely recognize that we were there.

Yes. There are incentives from National and State Government, as well as potential tax incentives from combinations of improvements. In some areas local utilities provide incentives as well.


About BES

Building Envelope Solutions (BES) is the market leader in weatherization-related energy efficiency upgrades.

Through its turnkey deliverable, BES also partners with Energy Services Companies (ESCO’s) to assist them in saving energy for their customers.

About BES

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