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About Building Envelope Solutions (BES)

BES_team.pngECM's Building Envelope Solutions (BES) is the market leader in building envelope related energy efficiency upgrades.

Through turnkey deliverables, BES partners with ESCO’s to assist in saving their customers energy by preventing air leakage and infiltration and through other building envelope improvement such as high performance window film, spray foam roofing systems and reflective roof coatings.

Building Envelope Solutions is 100% focused on commercial solutions (cities, schools, universities, and municipalities) and industrial solutions (manufacturing, heated warehouse, other). The quality of our turnkey deliverable is what sets us apart from others. This process includes project development through detailed auditing, strong project management to ensure proper installation, and robust measurement and verification procedures to validate results.

The team at Building Envelope Solutions has a diverse background in building construction, building science, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical control systems, and service. Our Team of Project Managers and Auditors are located throughout the United States and we utilize our own installation crews on the majority of our projects.

The main reason for this is quality: we know that your clients have high expectations and so do you. Because of that, we have found that the best way to control quality, cost, and schedule is through the utilization of our own installers. We bring a lean manufacturing approach to our installations and are able to achieve very good ROI through stringent cost controls and adherence to best practices which have been developed through the experience of thousands of building upgrades.

Since 2009 we have completed audits and installed systems across the entire country, and also numerous international projects. We would welcome the opportunity to perform an audit for you to show you why BES is the ESCO partner of choice for all of your building envelope needs.



Erik Larson
CEO, President



Cody Vande Wettering
General Manager



Cody Reynolds
Director of Engineering



About BES

Building Envelope Solutions (BES) is the market leader in weatherization-related energy efficiency upgrades.

Through its turnkey deliverable, BES also partners with Energy Services Companies (ESCO’s) to assist them in saving energy for their customers.

About BES

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