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Cool Roof Coatings

Originally developed to withstand extreme temperatures for the space shuttle program, Cool Roof is used to combat the effects of the sun to the building's rooftop by withstanding temperatures up to 500°F.

This liquid ceramic product is great for insulation, rejecting up to 99% of the sun's heat.

Cool Roof is moisture resistant to help prevent corrosion and rust formation, while reducing or eliminating condensation. It installs in much less time than other insulations and adheres well to a variety of substrates.

This energy-saving solution also improves safety. It passes the ASTM C1055-00 standard for protection from burn injuries.








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Building Envelope Solutions (BES) is the market leader in weatherization-related energy efficiency upgrades.

Through its turnkey deliverable, BES also partners with Energy Services Companies (ESCO’s) to assist them in saving energy for their customers.

About BES

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