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Window Film:  Security Coatings


The window and door glass at schools and public facilities can be vulnerable entry points to intruders. The primary function of security film is to hold glass intact in the event of accidental breakage, but our security film also provides an effective barrier to violent entry. 

BES Window Films are proven to perform at code as many security films meet building code standards such as ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201. Third-party test reports are available from independent test labs accredited by the Safety Glazing Certification Council.


Unlike other security upgrades, Window Films can also provide an energy savings from reduced air conditioning costs with a payback in as little as three years. 



About BES

Building Envelope Solutions (BES) is the market leader in weatherization-related energy efficiency upgrades.


Through its turnkey deliverable, BES also partners with Energy Services Companies (ESCO’s) to assist them in saving energy for their customers.


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